Port Forwarding for Foscam Wireless IP Camera

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Setting up a Foscam Wireless IP Camera on Sabai VPN router.



Setup port forwarding for VPN on the port that the camera is using. The Port forwarding is fairly straight forward, for example, when you access the port forwarding page it asks you for several pieces of information.
If you are using the VPN as Gateway then you will use the VPN public IP address followed by a colon and the external port you have used. If you are using the Local Gateway and have setup the camera on VPN then again use the VPN public IP address. However, if you have it set to local then use the Local IP address to access it. This of course is all from outside your network.
I have attached a screen shot of an example of what you will enter. The external ports do not need to be the actual internal port and you can see from my examples that I have just "made up" some numbers to correspond to what I used for the int port. If you have further questions or need additional help just let me know!

Port Forwarding.JPG Port Forwarding.JPG (quick view)

Customer reply : Thanks - yes worked with just port forwarding. Did set camera to fixed IP, although it seemed to be working with DCHP address too. Thanks


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