Trying to Connect a Roku Player

Hannah Jordan -


I'm having trouble connecting my Roku player to my E4200 router. The Roku recognizes the wireless network but won't connect when I enter the network passcode. Looking in the router, I see the Roku's MAC address in the list of devices, but it won't connect. Any ideas?

Sabai Tech:

Hey There,

It sounds like it might be an encryption issue. My first suggestion is to log into the router control panel and click on the Network link. Scroll down to the wireless section and change the following items values:

Channel Width - 20MHz
Security - WPA/WPA2 Personal
Encryption - TKIP/AES

Next click on the "Scan" button at the end of the Channel option and after it has finished, choose a channel that has not other wireless device showing.

Save at the bottom.


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    James Eastwood

    I am having trouble connecting my Samsung S5 via Slingplayer to my Roku. They are on the same VPN network using a Sabai Ausu dual band router. I am connected to the Sabai24 band. I see the devices in the device list. They are labeled (oui) (static) (wfilter). When I use setup on slingplayer and use the GO option to manually enter the IP address is say that "no Roku player could be found at this address the IP address". Yet the roku says it is and the Device list shows the same IP address for the Roku. The RSSI for the Samsung is - 61dbm and the Roku is -19dbm. The Samsung TX/RX rate is 144/24 and the Roku is 65/65. I just do not understand why I can not get them to connect.

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    Ruth Petty

    Slingbox does not play well with the .199 address. Change Sabai router address to and Slingbox and Roku work perfectly.

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    Have Sabai router Asus RT N66U that I want to connect thu wifi to an ethernet extender.  The problem is the WEPs button does not connect with any device.  I'm told that it is a "Reset" button.  How do you connect this router with any wireless extender?

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