Connecting my external devices

Hannah Jordan -

If you are connecting Ipads, Apple TV’s, gaming consoles* or any other external devices, when setting up your router you will want to enable the UpNP on your router.  It is very simple!  Navigate to the Menu Bar on the left side of the page.You want to expand the Advanced Option.  Click on Firewall, then UPnP & NAT-PMP. Check the First two boxes and Save the settings.  Devices should now be able to connect. If you continue to have issues then please visit the Port Fowarding article. 

If you have any additional issues connecting external devices, contact our Technical Staff at [email protected]

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    I am using an Ausu RT N66U and when I open the Port Forwarding, I see nothing that says  UpNp.

    I've looked in the Advance Option and see no reference to wifi or WEPs.  Please advise.


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