What is the difference between a Sabai OS Router and routers flashed with dd-wrt or Tomato?

Ruth Petty -

Sabai OS, which comes pre-installed on all of our routers, has features not available on any other VPN client router operating system. Dual gateway, port forwarding and easy OpenVPN setup are specific to the Sabai operating system. The Sabai OS also has many settings already configured for VPN clients. A customer using dd-wrt or Tomato would have to figure out for themselves.

Another huge difference between Sabai Technology and our competitors is the technical and customer support peace of mind that comes with a Sabai purchase. A 90 day satisfaction guarantee and 1 YEAR of Sabai Freedom, our one-on-one technical support, come standard with every purchase. If you still need support after that time, you can always email or chat with us, or purchase Sabai Freedom for another year of the same phone and remote-in service that comes with your initial purchase. If you have any further questions, try watching one of our videos, reading our blog series on our OS or contacting our sales team.

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