Physical VPN Accelerator Setup

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*The VPN Accelerator is designed to be paired with your Sabai Technology VPN Router*

Your Sabai Technology VPN router needs to have the most recent version of the Sabai OS installed. 

If you do not have version 6.06-MIPS or 6.10-ARM, please request an update here. 

If you are adding the VPN Accelerator to a current Sabai router setup, you may need to stop that service in the router before you begin programming. 

The VPN will now only connect from the VPN Accelerator.

Please keep the VPN Accelerator well ventilated and away from heat sources. Overheating could cause the unit to malfunction.


Physical VPN Accelerator Setup

Connect a cable from the Ethernet port on the VPN Accelerator to a LAN port of the Sabai Technology VPN Router.

Plug in the power to the accelerator.

Check the USB thumb drive on the back of the VPN Accelerator and verify that it is firmly in place.

Press the power button on the top of the VPN Accelerator.

Open a web browser

Enter in the address bar and log in to your Sabai VPN Router. Default login is admin and sabaipass123.

Click on Status/Device List. Find the device with the hostname vpna. Check the IP address associated with that device. If it is not listed ast192.168.199.2 then click the Static button below the MAC address.

On the new page, change the IP address of the new entry to end in a .2, click Add, then Save.

Press power to power the VPN Accelerator off then power it back on again

Congrats! Your basic Physical VPN Accelerator setup is complete.

Next Setup step: OpenVPN or PPTP

For assistance with setup please contact us at [email protected]

Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm EDT/EST.

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