Why did my Sabai router reset and how do I fix it?

Ruth Petty -

A reset can happen a couple of different ways and it is frustrating when it happens.

Did you press the WPS button?

Some devices ask you to press the WPS button on your router in order to connect that device to the wireless network. Devices like printers and range extenders commonly use this method. The Sabai VPN router is built with security in mind and is not a standard router. We have removed settings in the router that could possibly allow for intrusion. The WPS button gives unfettered access to the router network connection and is the most unsecured way to connect to a wireless network. We removed this ability and instead have set it as a WiFi toggle if held for 1-2 seconds. However, if you press it for more than 2 seconds it will erase the router memory and reset it to our factory settings. 

You did not press the WPS button?
If you did not press the WPS button then you may have had a power spike or some kind of power fluctuation that caused excess voltage to the router motherboard. When this happens the router goes into a self protection mode and shuts down. This will wipe the router memory as well. 
Other possibilities?
Other ways that are not as common; within the router interface on the Backup menu you have the option to "Reset to Default Configuration" which will erase the router to our factory default. 
What do I do now?
Make sure your router firmware is current and request your activation token by entering your email in the activation box and clicking Activate Manually. Copy the long code and email it to [email protected] We will retrieve your activation token for you. This token does not change. If you find yourself needing it again you can refer back to the email or request it again.
Avoid issues:
If your router firmware is current then you can make a backup of the configuration after you have reconfigured it. Just click on the Backup menu and click the Backup button at the top to download a backup file. Keep this in a safe place and if you ever need it, return to the Backup menu and use the "Restore" option to return the router to current working configuration.
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