OpenVPN for Buffered VPN

Ruth Petty -

Please make sure you are connected to the Sabai router before attempting setup. Connect using either wire or wireless. 
See *Physical VPN Router Setup* if necessary

Open a web browser


Log in to your Buffered VPN account by visiting and entering the username and password provided in your welcome email.

Click on Download.

Click on "Get Configuration Files" in the "For Routers" section.

Click on the button for the preferred VPN location.


Open a new web browser tab and enter in the address bar and log in to your Sabai VPN Router. Default login is admin and sabaipass123.

 Click on the Network menu link.

 Click on the OpenVPN menu link.

Click the Choose File button.

Find the file you downloaded for the server location you prefer and click Open.


Click Start.


Your basic OpenVPN setup is complete.

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